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    Star Trek: Equilibrium

    Greetings fellow Fleetmembers,

    I am happy to announce that our Fleet RPG will start very soon. I d like to reveal some details now, what we are going to do.

    Star Trek: Equilibrium will take place in the Eta-Eridiani Sector. The Story is wrapped around Spacestation K7 wich is located in this sector. Unlike most Roleplays you might have seen / been part of, this will be diffrent.

    We like to response to the desires of our Community and give you something that most of you will enjoy.

    Our current Set-up will allow a lot of possibilitys for our roleplayers. While most of the Roleplays stick to one Station or one ship, we want to have a wider variety of story-arcs and Characterdevelopment. While you are able to Roleplay aboard the station, you are also able to take one of the ships out, that are attached to the Station.

    With this way we want to allow Junior-Officers to get some Command Experience too. Okay granted, we do not send a Lieutenant out with a Sovereign Class because we want to stay in Character with the Star Trek Lore, but you can expect something unusual.

    Now a few more things about the Roleplay. I want to connect our Roleplay with our Fleetcommunity. That means: If you are an Ensign here on the Fleet, its most likely you will start off as Ensign in the Roleplay. At the other hand, if you recieve an RP Promotion it comes with a Fleetpromotion. So if you havent found a suitable way to progress your career here at 3rd Fleet, this might be the chance.

    I want to talk about that ships now. Together with the Community we want to create a nice Story-Arc around K7 and the Area around it.

    So here is a possible Scenario:

    The Station recieves a Distress-Call from a nearby System in the H'romi Cluster. The people on the planet are sick and Starfleet is asked for help to find a cure. So K7 sends out its Medical Ship with Officers in charge that are experienced within Medical.

    The goal of that is, that we dont have a stickied Crew aboard the ships. Another point is, that we have had problems in the past to get all positions filled due to lack of attendance. I think with this kind of Roleplay we have solved this issue.

    The Main-Story Arc will progress weekly, with the people that can make it to the RP. When the RP starts, the Officer in charge takes a brief overlook of who has attended, and will drive the storyline along with thoose persons.

    As example:

    In the last Episode, the Engineering Officer and several Engineers attended the Roleplay, the Episode was more Engineering-Styled. In another Episode the Science and Medical Officers were dominating the pack, so the Episode was more science styled.

    With this method we hope to keep the RP-Story going, even when some people are not there. Thats why there wont be any specific Key-Roles that need to present all the time. Sure we have a Station Commander and Senior Staff, but the story wont die, when they dont attend.

    Here are the possibilitys our Roleplay offers:

    • Episodic Roleplay on the Station
    • Forum RP on the Station between the Episodes to drive Sub-Plots
    • Episodic Roleplay on one of the Ships or the complete Task Force
    • Station Logs & Personal Logs
    • BIO-Files

    You can access the forums already by clicking here, to get a brief overview. Within the week we post up more background informations, and opening it up for the fleet-members.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Important Note:

    You are allowed to apply for a position higher then your current Fleetrank. If you have no other responsibiltys you will be promoted to that Rank and get a proper title. Please have in mind, that the roleplay is no way to kick yourself up in the ranks easily. The position you apply for in the roleplay comes with a responsibilty. You have to try your best to make it to the weekly sessions. If we have set up a time, and it really doesent fit your timetable you are required to resign from your current positon (if Senior Staff).

    If you have to go on leave, you have to post a LOA-Thread in the proper forums. Members without any notification that miss more then 3 sessions or are beeing absent in general for more then 2 Weeks are removed from the RP-Roster. The rank will be removed asweel and restored to the previous rank.

    Credits for the GFX goes to Nikki as always.

    Ich möchte mit stolz verkünden das unser neustes Flotten-Rollenspiel in den Start-Löchern steht. Der Grund warum der Einführungspost in Englisch geschrieben ist, ist einfach zu erklären. Wir versuche ein Rollenspiel auf internationaler Ebene zu etablieren wo Mitglieder unser Französischen, Englischen und natürlich auch der deutschen Division miteinander Rollenspiel betreiben können.

    Die Sprache des Rollenspieles ist dementsprechend englisch. Wer also interesse hat mitzuwirken kann sich gerne bewerben. Flottenmitgliedschaft wird natürlich vorrausgesetzt.

    Also wenn ihr interessiert seit. Tretet der dritten Flotte bei. Eine Bewerbung könnt ihr in der entsprechenden Divsion einreichen, welche in unserem Fall die deutsche wäre.

    Revolvermann, Admiral der Flotte "3rd Fleet" in Star Trek: Online, Familienvater

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    Das solltet ihr für die deutsche Community aber übersetzen .

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    AW: Star Trek: Equilibrium

    Zitat Zitat von Calvert Beitrag anzeigen
    Das solltet ihr für die deutsche Community aber übersetzen .
    Naja eigentlich nicht weil das Roleplay eh in Englisch ist

    Revolvermann, Admiral der Flotte "3rd Fleet" in Star Trek: Online, Familienvater

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    Schade, ich dachte schon wir hätten eine weitere Flotte für gemeinsame RP Plots gewonnen. Machen alle eure deutschen Spieler somit auch englisches RP?

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    AW: Star Trek: Equilibrium

    Bestimmt nicht alle. Es gibt einige die nur deutsch können. Wir hatten ja mal ein 'rein' deutsches RP, haben wir aber wegen mangeldem Interesse wieder abgesetzt. Nun hoffen wir mit dem breit-ausgerichteten RP mehr Mitspieler zu bekommen.

    Aber ich denke es gibt einige die eben kein Englisch können und gerne RP machen wie z.b Aeriss und Clark Tucker. Von daher würde ich in dem Bereich gerne eine Zusammenarbeit anstreben.

    Revolvermann, Admiral der Flotte "3rd Fleet" in Star Trek: Online, Familienvater

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